What are green products, what are the benefits?

29/01/2021 - 15:42

Green products are meant to be made from environmentally friendly materials. The benefit of green products is choosing products that are low in hazardous substances that can reduce worker impacts, improve indoor air quality and reduce water pollution.

Green product criteria
1. Products are made from environmentally friendly materials. If the product contains recycled materials instead of using new raw materials, it can be considered a green product. For example, a quickly recycled product such as bamboo or cork (used for lining) is environmentally friendly because it is produced from agricultural residue materials such as straw or agricultural oil.
2. The product offers health and environmental safety solutions instead of traditional toxic products. Examples of wood preservative substitutes such as creosote, are known to be a carcinogenic compound.
3. The product reduces the impact on the environment during use (less waste, using renewable energy, less maintenance costs). European consumers for many years have returned to using glass milk bottles and reduced their use rates in disposable plastic bottles. The glass bottle is reusable, easy to recycle.

4. The product creates a friendly and safe environment for health. Environmentally friendly building materials are products that create a safe indoor environment and living space by not releasing important pollutants such as paints with low volatile organic solvents, which hold firmly, Eliminate or prevent the spread of contaminants such as products from ventilation or air filters in the air conditioner (dust, mold, bacteria, etc.) and improve the quality of lighting. With environmentally friendly materials, product choice is targeted at minimizing pollution, reducing resource consumption, and reducing the amount of waste generated during product use. One way to buy environmentally friendly products is to buy local produce when possible. Products purchased from a local or regional source will reduce transportation costs and boost local economy.

Safety and pollution reduction
Another concept is green design. Here, product choice sets the goal of minimizing pollution, reducing resource consumption and reducing the amount of waste generated during product use.
According to experts, one of the ways to buy green products is to choose local products because when buying from a local source or close to home will reduce transportation costs (i.e., reduce energy consumption and reduce the impact on environment during transportation), at the same time promoting local economy.
Currently, there are many eco-friendly products in countries to meet the needs of green consumers. These products are packaged and have their own logo to help consumers distinguish and choose.

Benefits when buying green products
Choosing products that are low in hazardous substances can minimize worker impacts, improve indoor air quality and reduce water pollution. Buying green cleaning products with concentrations and returnable packaging helps reduce packaging waste. Buying low-toxic cleaners reduces waste when they are not used up and thrown into the trash.
Switching from the use of traditional cleaning products to biodegradable (microbiological), low toxicity or other less toxic products can significantly reduce the practice of cleaning operations without compromising on cleaning performance.
Some studies show that improving indoor air quality in a work environment can improve overall productivity by more than 8%.
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