Biological products help protect the environment in their livestock

29/01/2021 - 15:24

The development of agriculture that is central to growing livestock is one of the economic pointed tips in the Hung My (Chiem Hoa - Tuyen Quang). It has co-co-ordinates the pro-producers in the way of the flower and protects the environment.

Currently, Hung My Commune People's Committee has implemented many projects to promote livestock development, thereby creating jobs and increasing income for people. In particular, the development of livestock in association with environmental protection is being promoted by the locality in combination with Thanh Cong Agriculture and Forestry Cooperative.

Grazing cattle in the safety of biology is the economic development in Hung My.
Limit environmental pollution
Recognizing the role of sustainable production, members of Thanh Cong Cooperative all use the bioga system to solve the problem of livestock waste. In addition, the use of probiotics composted through food is also one of the successful directions of the cooperative.
During the production process, members received support from the Center for Agricultural Vocational Training and Rural Development Consulting - Northern College of Agriculture and Rural Development (Hanoi) for guidance. technique of using microbiological inoculants to compost food for cattle.

Up to now, the members have mastered the techniques of using probiotics to make the food for cattle, fermentation, and fermentation in the most effective way. The beneficial bacteria in probiotics with beneficial bacteria help increase the efficiency of digestion and absorption of food, keep the pH of the intestines stable, strengthen and stimulate the immune system for animals while minimizing odors. breeding, ensuring ecological environment hygiene.

Silage keeps livestock healthy and protects the environment

“After a period of using silage from bio-products for the cooperative's cattle and buffaloes, they all grow and develop well, limit disease so there is no need to use antibiotics. The ranch environment was much less smelly. Another special thing is that the cost of feed is much lower than that of mixed feed "- Mr. Luong Hai Tuyen, Director of the cooperative said.
Thus, the method of using microbiological products composted through animal feed is considered an effective measure to solve and overcome the difficulties faced by many livestock households, and at the same time help farmers improve High productivity, quality and economic efficiency, producing clean livestock products to ensure food safety and environment.
According to the Commune People's Committee, Hung My currently has over 1,800 buffaloes and nearly 500 cows. Previously, the locality faced many difficulties and challenges, especially environmental pollution, epidemics and many products. Unsafe livestock products.

To ensure effective husbandry, Hung My commune has established Thanh Cong Agriculture and Forestry Cooperative. During the breeding process, the cooperative encourages the people and members of the cooperative to raise buffaloes, cows, and pigs towards biosecurity in order to bring about dual effects on economy and environment.
Up to now, the clean and airy lines of livestock pens with healthy cattle of Thanh Cong Cooperative are proof of the correct direction in local breeding.

Change mindset, perception
Cooperative members said that breeding for many years in a traditional way helps them gradually recognize shortcomings such as: Poor sanitation, easy disease outbreaks, high wastage rates, high costs for medicine. Veterinary medicine, the quality of cattle released was not equal. Since joining the cooperative and linked with "4 houses", the members have come to understand that biosafety farming is the solution to the problem of environmental pollution and product quality.
As a bridge connecting people with local authorities and scientists, the cooperative regularly coordinates with suppliers, organizes training courses, technical instructions in food processing, techniques. take care of cattle and pigs effectively. As a result, the people's thinking of breeding has gradually changed, the breeder has gradually approached to a new breeding method, promoting the development of livestock herds, thereby contributing to improving people's income from livestock. breeding and considering animal husbandry is the main economic development direction.

In order to continue promoting livestock development in association with environmental protection, in the coming time, Hung My commune will continue to promote propaganda to further raise people's awareness, step by step complete the master plans. Agriculture and rural areas combine with environmental protection, increase the application of scientific and technical advances in animal husbandry to create clean, high-quality products, contributing to the completion of rural construction criteria new.

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