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The use of ENCHOICE® A-zyme in the aquaculture process is considered a scientific and technical advance, has profound implications for creating environmental and food safety for consumers, to help people. shrimp farming develops stably and sustainably.
- Cultivation: ENCHOICE® products used in organic fertilizer production help shorten the composting time and maximize the nutritional components of the ingredients. Use ENCHOICE® for plants and crops to help plants grow better, keep the soil loose, and repel harmful insects to the plants.

- Breeding: Spraying ENCHOICE® in the barn contributes to handling bad odors, controlling flies and mosquitoes, treating farm waste, keeping livestock healthy, limiting infectious diseases, absolutely safe for environment, pets.

- Aquaculture: The ENCHOICE® A-ZYME product line provides enzymes, micronutrients to develop useful microorganisms, inhibits the growth of harmful microorganisms and toxic algae diseases for shrimps, prevent the phenomenon of shrimp shedding.

Application of ENCHOICE® A-zyme in shrimp farming
- Decompose organic matter, dead plants, dead algae, and dirt in the water, improve water quality, reduce the increase of bottom sludge layer, reduce odors.
- Reduce the concentration of COD, BOD in the water.
- Eliminate and prevent toxic gases (H2S, NH3, NO2) arising from organic decomposition of residue in water, helping shrimp grow well.
- Stable pH, stabilizes water color, limits algae growth and increases the amount of dissolved oxygen in water (DO), helps shrimp with enough oxygen to breathe, so shrimp will be healthy, less disease, eat a lot, quickly big.
- Enhance immunity for shrimp (by stimulating shrimp to produce antibodies).
- Reduce feed conversion ratio, increase farming yield.
- Shorten farming time and increase survival rate and increase productivity due to less loss of shrimp;
- Reducing water exchange costs due to not having to treat pond bottom sludge.
- Reduce the cost of using antibiotics and chemicals in disease treatment.
- Rescuing floating shrimp
- Stimulate the growth of beneficial microorganisms, in the water environment if beneficial microorganisms grow much, it will inhibit, inhibit, overwhelm the growth of harmful microorganisms, limit pathogens. harmful to shrimp
0.1 - 0.2 ppm (0.1 - 0.2 ppm) Equivalent to 500ml - 1,000ml ENCHOICE® A-zyme per 5,000 m3 of water.
Dissolve ENCHOICE® A-zyme in water and spray (splash) evenly over the water surface combined with the water fan.
Frequency of use
Time to use morning from 6am - 8am, afternoon from 16h - 18h.
Use 3 days before stocking with concentration of 0.1 ppm
The first month: 1 time / month from the 20th to the 25th of the month. (0.1 ppm).
Second month: 10-14 days / time (2 times / month) depending on the degree of water pollution (0.1–0.2 ppm)
Months 3 and onwards: 7 - 10 days / time (4 times / month) (0.2 ppm)
In case of emergency (top-floating shrimp) use a concentration of 0.2 ppm combined with a fan
Methods of preservation:
Store at temperatures below 55oC. Do not expose to direct sunlight. Shake the product well before use.
Note when using:
ENCHOICE® A-zyme can be used immediately after being mixed with water, without waiting for "activation".
ENCHOICE® A-zyme is absolutely safe for the user, and no special protective equipment and measures are required when using it.
When mixing ENCHOICE® A-zyme solution, add water first, then add ENCHOICE® A-zyme preparation to avoid excessive foaming.
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