Business Activities
At Environmental Choices, Inc. we strive to integrate our products and services into each market through business opportunities and collaborations with local companies and organizations. Our products are well suited to emerging agriculturally dominant and industrializing environmentally sensitive markets.

Environmentally Friendly Product Sales:
Our ENCHOICE® concentrate is made from a proprietary formulation of all "plant grade" materials. It is designed to be a versatile, environmentally safe and user friendly alternative for purposes such as:
- Odor and small insect (mosquitoes, flies and their larvae) control.
- Water treatment and enhancement.
- Composting of organic materials.
- Crop growth enhancement.
- Soil remediation and oil spill cleanup operations.
- General cleaning and degreasing purposes.

Our ENCHOICE A-ZYME® product is a concentrate which has specifically formulated for improvement water clarity in aquaculture ponds utilized for shrimp and fish farming. Application of A-zyme over the course of the growing season helps to maintain a clean environment and better balance of pH. The product has proven in numerous test cases to improve the mortality rates, reduce costs for utilities, labor, feed, and medicines, while increasing gross weights of yields at harvest.
ENCHOICE® DZ33 Soil Stabilizer products are designed specifically for the construction of rural dirt roads and the base and sub-base portions of paved roads. Roads treated with our organic, 100% biodegradable, and environmentally friendly soil stabilizers have improved structural integrity and durability, while allowing designers and contractors to utilize more of the existing materials in the area, thus reducing costs of construction. Roads will also require less maintenance over their life, further reducing costs. Soil stabilizer technologies are easily incorporated into existing road construction techniques, utilizing traditional equipment and methods.
Solid Waste Collection Equipment and Materials Systems
Environmental Choices, Inc. offers a full line of high quality above ground and underground trash collection and storage containers for residential, municipal, and commercial uses from Germany, France and the US. We also design and source equipment systems such as shredders, sorters, storage bins, odor control, and incineration for landfill operations.
Education and Communication in the Environment Field
Environmental Choices, Inc. works hand in hand with government agencies, local universities, and community groups to provide a wide range of educational and information dissemination programs and workshops.

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