About Us
Environmental Choices, Inc. is a United States Company incorporated in the State of North Carolina.

Founded with a mission to promote the introduction and use of environmentally safe technologies both domestically and internationally, Environmental Choices, Inc. has established market development and sales operations in North America and Asia.

Since its inception in October of 2001, Environmental Choices, Inc. has strived to provide its clients with contemporary environmentally safe technologies, products, support services, and technical expertise that are state of the art.

We are dedicated to making a positive impact upon the environments of our client’s countries, and to improving the quality of life for the societies that we serve.
Our main offices are located in Charlotte, North Carolina in the United States.

Additionally, our market development activities within Asia are controlled through an operation of a locally staffed Registered Representative Office located in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

We strive to integrate our products and services into each market through business opportunities and collaborations with local companies and organizations.
Our products are well suited to emerging agriculturally dominant and environmentally sensitive markets.

The Company’s activities are focused on structuring and managing an integrated organization of Academic Professionals, Scientific Institutes, Government Agencies, Technology providers, Distributors, Sales Organizations, and Customers, with a collective goal for positively impacting the host society and its environment.

Our responsibilities as that organization center on these principles:
- Educating at all levels on environmental concepts, issues, and alternatives
- Pioneering initiatives throughout the host society to promote environmental pro-active awareness and behavior
- Creating economic and educational opportunities for the general population
- Establishing and increasing market share and product distribution throughout the market

Environmental Choices, Inc.



28 Schenck Parkway, Building 2B, Suite 200, Asheville, North Carolina, 28803, United States of America

Tel: +1 704 469 3674 / 980 216 8298

Resident Representative Office in Vietnam

11th floor, 33 Le Duan, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City

Tel: +84 28 2211 1763 / 096 782 4318