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When Failure Isn’t an Option, ProGanics® is Your Solution
In nature, sustainable vegetation is achieved through the biological process of organic matter breaking down in soil and delivering nutrients plants need to grow—it’s called nutrient cycling. Unfortunately, all too many erosion control and revegetation attempts fail due to soils deficient in organic matter and biological activity. ProGanics® Biotic Soil Media™ (BSM™) is engineered with key biological elements and patented bark and wood fibers to kick-start vigorous root development and vegetation establishment while also initiating the nutrient cycling necessary to regenerate depleted soils. Unless you are certain the soils on your sites contain the essentials to sustain plant growth, you can’t afford not to use ProGanics. It is absolutely revolutionizing the way soil is amended today.
Ensure Success
ProGanics help soils reach their full potential anywhere it’s needed—on top of bare ground or under erosion control blankets, straw, hydraulic mulch or sod.
Get the Best
The proprietary ProGanics formulation outperforms other biotic amendments and is a proven alternative to
topsoil and compost.
Save Time and Money
Hydraulically applied for quick and cost-efficient installation versus truckloads of topsoil or compost.
Make it Your First Step
Too many projects fail before ProGanics is brought in: Do it right the first time!

Patented Wood and Bark Fibers Lay the Foundation
Profile® Products is the world’s foremost authority on bark and wood fibers with its renowned Thermally Refined® process. Proven in the horticultural community as an excellent replacement for peat and perlite, Profile’s bark and wood fibers are an industry standard used by many of the world’s top growers in their growing media. Made from 100% recycled wood and bark chips that have been phytosanitized to remove weed seeds and pathogens, these fibers are the foundation of what makes ProGanics® unsurpassed in bringing dead soil back to life.


Added ingredients include:

Porous Ceramics: Help create a prime habitat for beneficial bacteria and fungi through amazing amounts of surface area and bonding sites for water and nutrient retention.
Biochar: This porous and highly stable form of organic matter is produced by heating plant based materials in a high temperature, low oxygen environment and helps fuel biological activity.
Patented Biological Soil Nutrient System:
Beneficial soil bacteria convert Thermally Refined bark and wood fibers and other organic materials into plant-available nutrition.
Proprietary Formulation of Fast-Acting and Sustained Release Soil-Building Components Containing Seaweed Extract, Humic Acid and Endomycorrhizae: Critical to the development of strong root systems that ensure plants have an extensive supply route to necessary nutrients.
Cross-Linked Polysaccharide Biopolymers: Increase matrix water-holding capacity, ease of application, bond strength and ability to stay in place on soil.

Game-Changing Advantages

ProGanics is a consistent product manufactured under highly controlled conditions. Trucked in topsoil or compost are often used to augment depleted soils, but both add cost, uncertain quality and time to projects with elevated carbon footprints. Using ProGanics Biotic Soil Media instead saves money and time while delivering outstanding results.

Do The Math Class A Compost Limits

Specifications commonly call for a two-inch (50 mm) layer of compost on denuded sites. That translates to approximately 268,900 pounds of compost per acre (301,200 kg/ha). That same area would get what it needs from an application of just 5,000 pounds per acre (5,600 kg/ha) of ProGanics. And look what also can be applied to your site in a 2-inch (50 mm) layer of compost:


The Class A Compost numbers are maximum allowable limits established by the US Composting Council (USCC) based on US EPA biosolid limits. The allowable levels of contaminants that may be applied to your site when applying STA Certified compost are off the charts compared to ProGanics, which has been tested in its entirety and meets or exceeds all USCC requirements for Standard of Testing Assurance (STA) certified Class A compost.


Placing topsoil over depleted soils is another common option. However, even topsoil with sufficient organic matter levels can be devoid of biological activity. ProGanics delivers the necessary soil-building components you need faster, more consistently and at decreased costs.

Faster and Easier Application

In hydroseeders equipped with mechanical agitation, ProGanics® mixes quickly into a viscous, dark-brown slurry that is easy to apply and meter. ProGanics is designed to retain water for slurries that go down evenly, adhere to the soil and resist dewatering.


Recommended Application Rates:

Quantifying percent organic matter and critical soil parameters is achieved via a soil test. In the absence of a soil test to determine organic matter, apply ProGanics at a minimum rate of 4,000 pounds per acre (4,480 kg/ha). Soils with organic matter greater than 5% typically do not require ProGanics. 


Whether You’re Working on Energy, Waste Containment, Transportation or Residential Projects, ProGanics® Has You Covered
From difficult-to-access sites to residential developments and everything in between, ProGanics is your best “life insurance” for ailing soil. ProGanics can even be applied to revitalize stockpiled topsoil.

Enhance Performance with Effective Cover
ProGanics® is typically applied as a topical growing media and covered with an erosion control product to protect the soil, ProGanics and seed until vegetation is fully established.
General recommendations include:
Straw with tackifier, Profile® wood or wood with tackifier should be adequate on flat to gentle terrain where erosion potential is lower. As slope gradients and/or lengths increase, erosion control blankets or ProMatrix® EFM™ would be advisable.
Profile Flexterra® High Performance-Flexible Growth Medium® (HP-FGM®) is necessary on steeper/longer slopes or challenging sites where erosion potential is greater and design safety is critical.

Testing at the prestigious and world-renowned Utah Water Research Laboratory (UWRL) has shown that ProMatrix EFM applied over ProGanics resulted in 99% erosion control effectiveness whereas ProMatrix over a competitive Biotic Soil Amendment at the same rates resulted in only 90% effectiveness. 


Proof is in the Performance: ProGanics Contributes to Both Quick and Long-Lasting Results

For 13 years, a clay mine in the Southeastern U.S. sat partially barren as a large mining company made multiple attempts using traditional seeding methods to revegetate 5 acres (2 hectares) of the sprawling site. Nothing worked. After conducting a site visit and soil testing, Profile determined “nearly lifeless” soil was one of the primary reasons.
An amendment plan designed to drastically improve soil health was prescribed, beginning with ProGanics Biotic Soil Media and several ProPlus® Prescriptive Solutions.
Once the amelioration plan was finalized, regional seed and plant experts developed a blend of plant species that would thrive on this particular site. Finally, Profile recommended utilizing Flexterra High PerformanceFlexible Growth Medium to enhance vegetation
establishment and prevent erosion.

Large gullies formed due to erosion
ProGanics, Flexterra and ProPlus Prescriptive Solutions applied to soil in April
In less than four months after application, the mine received a full bond release from the presiding regulatory agency and then obtained permits for three additional mine sites
Sustainable vegetation one year later
During follow-up inspections a year later, Profile technical experts confirmed that soil health had dramatically improved thanks to the benefits offered by ProGanics:
• A five-fold increase in organic matter from
0.4% to 2.0% versus a background level of 1.5%
• 271% increase in soil respiration
• 345% increase in bacterial counts
• 142% increase in fungal counts
• pH increase from 4.8 to 5.3

Highway Fire Reclamation

Twenty acres of vegetation along the Highway 210 / Interstate 15 interchange in Rancho Cucamonga, California, were torched during what was dubbed the Freeway Fire. The California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) needed a quick, reliable solution to restore the vegetation and prevent hillside washouts safely and without disrupting the heavy traffic flow.
Soil tests showed the site had less than 1.5% organic matter, leading to the recommendation of ProGanics® BSM™ and ProPlus® Prescriptive Solutions to accelerate germination and improve long-term plant vitality. The site was then rapidly covered with ProMatrix™ EFM™ to protect both seed and soil.
All products were applied with just two hydroseeders, making it easy to work without shutting down multiple lanes of traffic. Spreading
compost would have required a significant number of trucks entering and leaving the site, creating the potential for traffic disruptions and safety issues.
Over the three months following application, the site only received 1.7 inches (43 mm) of rain. Despite the lack of rainfall, the site had a blanket of vegetation with purple and yellow wildflowers as specified by Caltrans. The distributor on the project commented, “The fact that it was up and looking so good within that time frame is pretty unique, but how much of it you had was pretty staggering, too.”



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